What is CELTA?

Bringing learners and teachers together

Around the world there are literally millions of people learning English as a second or foreign language. Some need the language to help them make a new home in an English-speaking country or community, others see advantages in being able to communicate internationally with others using English as a shared language for private or professional purposes. Others still desire a high degree of proficiency in English to enable them to further their academic studies, or even just for pleasure and self-fulfilment.

ESOL_AC_Teaching_Awards_rgb What unites all of these different types of learner is the wish to learn the language with the guidance of a committed, qualified and competent teacher.

What CELTA helps you learn about language teaching

The Cambridge ESOL CELTA could be your first step towards joining these learners in their classroom, anywhere around the world.

The CELTA is an initial qualification aimed at preparing you to teach English as a Second or Foreign Language to adult language learners in a wide range of contexts. During the course you will learn:

  • how to develop your students‘ vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar
  • how to improve their reading, listening, writing and speaking skills
  • how to present new language in engaging and effective ways
  • how to establish understanding and provide meaningful practice
  • how to correct errors in a supportive way which helps your learners learn
  • how to find, adapt, design and exploit language learning materials
  • how to work effectively with your students in the classroom
  • how to evaluate your own performance as well as that of your learners
  • how to plan your continuing professional development

Read on to find out more about the course structure and how you are assessed.

To find out if the course is suitable for you, try this questionnaire.