English courses

The HAMBURG SCHOOL OF SCHOOL offers a wide array of English courses.


If you are interested in improving your English, we offer you the choice of group lessons or single lessons. You can take part in both of these as either fixed-term intensive courses or as longer-term, regular lessons. You may also register for both group and single lessons, as long as the times chosen do not overlap.

In addition to this, we also offer English training at short notice – perhaps you have an interview or important presentation in English that calls for last minute preparation. We can provide you with the feedback and confidence you need to tackle these challenges with little time to spare.

We also offer English training in the workplace, with both group and individual lessons.

Finding the right course for you

BusinessEnglisch-Lehrmaterial The first step in finding the right course is evaluating both your passive and active English skills. We do this through a non-binding, free, oral placement test here in the school, after which we determine your goals and, with your input, find the appropriate course for you.

We use the Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) as our guideline when determining English language levels. This framework is divided into 6 levels, from Beginner to Advanced. We have further divided these 6 levels into more specific stages to allow for a more realistic understanding of the time it takes to improve one’s English.

Overview of CEFR levels

CEFR Levels Level on course certificate Number of hours estimated
to reach next level
(Intensive Course)
Number of hours estimated
to reach next level
(Regular Course)
A1 Beginner 60-80 48
Beginner 60-80 48
Elementary 60-80 48
A2 Pre-Intermediate 60-80 48
Pre-Intermediate 60-80 48
Pre-Intermediate 60-80 48
B1 Lower-Intermediate 60-80 48
Intermediate 60-80 48
Intermediate 120-160 96
B2 Upper Intermediate 60-80 48
Upper Intermediate 60-80 48
Upper Intermediate 120-160 96
C1 Advanced 60-80 48
Advanced 60-80 48
Advanced 120-160 96
C2 Proficiency 120-160 96
Proficiency 120-160 96

If you would like to register for one of our English courses, please get in contact with us on 040-4802119 to make an appointment for an oral placement test.

The school staff were always friendly and accommodating. The best thing about the course was how fun it was, exactly how I wish my school days had been. The lessons were diverse, well structured and well planned. I can only recommend the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH to others.
— Jessica Hoffmann, English intensive course participant, 2013