German for executives

Do you want to learn German or improve your language skills in one of the two leading cities in Germany?

Geschaeftsdeutsch_HSE As a provider of German for Executives we at the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH know how to improve your language skills effectively despite your busy schedule. We tailor our HSE intensive training courses to suit your individual needs, enhancing your performance in German – in either Hamburg or Berlin.

We offer German courses in small groups or as a single intensive training course for managers, employees of international companies and expatriates in Germany. Our specially developed training programmes will maximise your success in one to six weeks.

Intensive course
HSE-German for Executives: our service at a glance
  • Free placement test with individual assessment
  • One to six-week intensive course
  • Single intensive training or small groups (2-3 people)
  • 20, 35 or 45 lessons* per week (4, 7 or 9 lessons* per day)
  • 35 or 45 lessons*/week including lunch every day with the teacher
  • Certificate with proficiency levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)
  • Accommodation: in a hotel of your choice in Berlin or Hamburg. We will gladly provide you with a list of recommended hotels. The accommodation costs are not included in the course fee.
HSE-German for Executives: course content

In our German courses for executives we will teach you important grammatical structures and how to communicate more confidently in everyday situations. Additionally, all our trainers are specialized in business German and will gladly help you build up the vocabulary needed for your branch of business.
All lessons are taught in German, right from the start. Our trainers are both native speakers and pedagogically trained. They devote their undivided attention to your needs, enabling you to gain the German language skills required of a manager.

HSE-German for Executives: tuition fee
20 units* / week (excl. lunch with the trainer) 35 units* / week (3×90 + lunch /
45 units* / week (4x 90 + lunch / day)
Single training € 890.00 € 1,750.00 € 2,225.00
Group of two (price per person) € 700.00 € 1,170.00 € 1,500.00
Group of three or more (price per person) € 500.00 € 930.00 € 1,200.00

All prices are net and VAT-exempt (exemption under § 4, 21 of the VAT Act).
The total price for the courses with 35 or 45 lessons * includes a daily, 45-minute lunch with the trainer.

* units = 45 minutes

Single lessons
HSE-German for Executives: single lessons once or twice a week

If you don’t have the time to attend an intensive course, individual lessons, for example once or twice a week, would be the best solution for you. Tailored to suit your schedule, you can study German for Executives either on our premises or at your office.

Whether you have a job interview tomorrow or need to give a presentation at short notice, we can cross that bridge with you – no matter how short notice. At the same time, we offer continuous individual training over a longer period – based on your language needs as an executive.

  • German for Executives at HSE: 44.50 €/unit*
  • German for Executives at your company: 47.50 €/unit*, at least two units* (= 90 min) per appointment

* units = 45 minutes

Company courses
HSE German for Executives: company courses

Are you an international company with employees from all over the world? Would your company benefit from your employees learning business German? Our trainers can also teach your staff on a regular basis at your company, e.g. one 90 minute lesson per week, focusing on the vocabulary and grammatical structures your employees require for their daily business.


Please feel free to contact us for an offer specifically tailored to your needs or for further information about our service “HSE-German for Executives”:, Tel: 040-4802119

The course plan was tailored exactly to my needs. All weaknesses were addressed. The trainers are superb! — Erin Lau at Airbus, participant single intensive training course, 2013