Evening courses

Do you work during the day but need to urgently improve your English? Perhaps you want to prepare for one of the Cambridge English exams?

Abendkurse-HSE Our evening courses are ongoing courses, which means that you can join anytime. The courses take place normally once a week from either 5.40pm to 7.10pm or 7.20pm to 8.50pm, Monday through Thursday. You can take part in more than one course, if you want to study more intensively. An evening course contract usually runs for a minimum length of 16 lessons (90 minutes per lesson).

In order to address your individual needs, we do not use a specific course book. Instead, we draw from the wide range of cutting edge material at our disposal, from Oxford and Cambridge publishing through to practical, tried and tested material that we have developed ourselves. We are always in the process of updating our materials to ensure that they stay relevant and applicable.

General and business English evening courses Exam preparation evening courses
Duration 16 appointments of 90 minutes from 16 appointments of 90 minutes (contract can extend until examination date)
Number of participants max. 4 or 8 (depending on group size) max. 6 participants
Start anytime
Level in accordance with GEFR from A1 (Beginner) to C1 (Advanced) Preparation for:
Business English qualifications:
– BEC Preliminary (Level: Intermediate B1)
– BEC Vantage (Level: Upper Intermediate B2)
– BEC Higher (Level: Advanced C1)
General English qualifications:
– FCE (Level: Upper Intermediate B2)
– CAE (Level: Advanced C1)
– CPE (Level: Proficiency C2)
Time Mon – Thurs 5.40pm – 7.10pm or 7.20pm – 8.50pm Mon – Thurs 5.40pm – 7.10pm or 7.20pm – 8.50pm
Please contact us for exact course levels and times.
Number of 45 minute lessons 32 from 32
Price per participant – Group of 4: EUR 456 total (EUR 14 for 45 mins + EUR 0.25 for lesson material)
– Group of 8: EUR 296 total (EUR 9 for 45 mins + EUR 0.25 for lesson material)
Students and the unemployed receive a discount of 10% for each contract of 16 appointments (only for general and business English).
EUR 320 total (EUR 10 for 45 mins)

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Contact us to find out more about our evening courses on: 040-4802119 or via email at: info@hamburg.school-of-english.de

I really enjoyed my evening course because I had a direct say in what we studied. Other than that, each lesson was different to the last. I often came from work feeling tired but then felt refreshed after the lesson. – Christine Hinterreiter-Bunzel, evening course participant 2012/13