Single lessons

Whether you are interested in intensive one-on-one classes or more regular weekly lessons on a flexible basis, the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH has the right course for you.

In order to find which course of learning best meets your requirements, we undertake a needs analysis with you, as well as a placement test.

Intensive single course

If an intensive single course is deemed most appropriate, within the space of a week you can begin classes with your own private teacher for a total of 30 or 40 lessons of 45 minutes. With adequate planning, these appointments can be arranged according to your schedule. The classes are taught by a team of highly experienced teachers who, based on input from you through the initial needs analysis, have been hand-selected to address your specific learning requirements.

Regular single lessons

HSE_Einzelunterricht_flexibelRegular single lessons are ideal for those who have steady work commitments and cannot take part in intensive learning. You decide how often and when you require lessons, whether once or twice a week, morning or evenings. There is no minimum nor maximum number of lessons required.

Appointments for single lessons can be organised between the client and the school office. Ideally, appointments are specified by the client each Thursday at the latest for the following week.
The BERLIN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH offers single lessons in both general English and English for Business, covering various business skills such as presentations, negotiations and interviews.

Last minute training

HSE_Englischtraining_flexibelYou have a last minute presentation to give or a short notice job interview? And this time it’s not in your native language but in English or German instead? Let us rise to the challenge with you and assist you with last minute one-on-one training to ensure that your confidence and skills are at their best. Phone: 040-4802119.

Prices for single lessons

Intensive single (20 teaching units) Intensive single (30 teaching units) Intensive single (40 teaching units) Individual single lessons
Duration one week by arrangement
Start anytime
Level all levels
Time Mon – Fri z.B.
10.30am – 2pm
Mon – Fri
8.45am – 2pm
Mo – Fr
8.45am – 3.45pm
by arrangement
Number of 45 minute teaching units 20 (2x 90 mins per day) 30 (3x 90 mins per day) 40 (4x 90 mins per day) no minimum number of lessons
Price EUR 750 (= EUR 37.50 for 45 min) EUR 1 125 (= EUR 37.50 for 45 min) EUR 1 500 (= EUR 37.50 for 45 min) EUR 80 for 90 mins (General and business English)
EUR 89 for 90 mins (English for special purposes, business skills und last minute training)

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