One-day seminars

Are you looking for someone who offers one-day English training seminars, as your team need to improve their English urgently, but unfortunately don’t have the time for long-term English courses?

The HAMBURG SCHOOL OF ENGLISH offers your staff the opportunity to participate in intensive one-day English training seminars which allow them to focus on specific topics in English for an entire day and, upon completion, to apply what they have learned directly in their daily work.

We offer the following areas of focus for corporate clients as one-day seminars:

  • Negotiating in English
  • Presentations in English
  • Telephoning in English
  • Business correspondence in English

We ascertain the level of each of your staff members through individual placement tests and needs analysis, on the basis of which we determine the seminar program.

Presentation techniques for advanced levels

Englisch-Berufsalltag-HSE As well as our one-day English seminars, we offer a special presentation techniques seminar, which focuses on presenting quantitative data. The seminar helps the participant to present graphics, trends, numerical data and provides the English keywords and phrases necessary for communicating professionally and successfully with a target group in English.

The seminar is suitable for participants with an advanced level of English and runs for either one or three days, or as a course with six teaching units of 90 minutes.

Please talk to us and find out more about our one-day English training seminars on 040-4802119 or via email at